Friday, November 20, 2009

Rudolph Impersonation

Sophie took a header off of our front porch. She had been pushing her little shopping cart and didn't stop when she got to the stairs. I didn't get to her in time and I watched her flip head over feet down 3 concrete stairs and onto her shopping cart. Together we sat on the driveway and cried. This is a momma's guilt that I'll never let go. My first thought was of AAI. She's not yet been x-rayed (they recommend this at 3 years old). If she has it, a simple childhood spill could result in very bad consequences. In any case, she recovered much more quickly than I did and is now sporting a gnarly scab that covers a good portion of her nose and bruises on her forehead and in between her eyes. I've joked that I should buy her one of those head bands with reindeer antlers and she could be Rudolph. Mark was not amused. Hey, ya got to find the silver lining some where. And yes, that is a very snot encrusted nose as well as we're all still friggin sick (except Mark, knock on wood).
p.s. Mark got some very exciting news on the job search front today! Very.Exciting.News!


Michelle said...

Oh poor girl!! And poor momma, too - that's so scary to watch. Good thing kids are so resilient! Glad she's okay.

Beverly said...

oh my that sounds scary. Im glad she is ok and she does look sweet with the nose!

Bethany said...

OH, sweet girl!! And yay on the job news!

Anonymous said...

I love the kids have those pictures too. I also think that the antlers would have been really cute! But then again I have an odd sense of humor! love to you and yours, can't wait to see you!!!
the prairie