Friday, August 20, 2010

Dear Friend

We need to have a little talk Ms. Jennifer Aniston. The casual use of the word retard that you said so flippantly in a self deprecating manner on national television was more than a little disappointing. Thankfully you are being called on the (red)carpet for it and I pray that this is a learning moment for you and others in your cohort. Hey, even your buddy John Mayer was quoted during a recent concert with saying "I don't use the R-word anymore and you guys know what I mean." Please join our campaign for dignity and respect for all people. Pledge to stop using the r word today at

click here to see the original clip
Thank you Special Olympics, ARC and US Weekly for your response to this.


Molly said...

The worst is that chuckle it gets. Just once I'd like to be in a movie theater/comedy club/Studio of people who signed the R word pledge. I'd like the famous person to toss that word out and be met with crickets. I think it would be a really powerful response to the typical laughter people get from that word.

Becca said...

I'm with Molly - I'd love to hear those crickets chirping!! LOL

I haven't watched the clip yet (don't have speakers on my work computer), but I think it would only upset me more than I already am about this.

This is reprehensible. I hope she gets some real clarity from this and can attempt to do some good.

Anonymous said...

Here we go again-seems like this battle will never end. I agree with the other two ladies- where were the crickets? The laughs hurt more than the flippant use of the word to me. I think Regis and cohost needs to be called out for their lack of response as well. There's my two cents!

Tamara said...

I totally agree that Regis and Kristin Cruz should have also been called out. Just ridiculous. Sponsor boycotts anyone? :-)