Monday, August 2, 2010

Restless Mind

I can't sleep tonight. Tomorrow morning we will visit a potential preschool for Sophia. Preschool for my baby girl. I've heard good things about this school. It has a mix of kids with IEPs and kids without. She would receive her therapies there. If we like it and it is a good fit, we sign the papers tomorrow.

Kindergarten registration for Alexander is Thursday. Kindergarten for my baby boy. It is a half day session, but I can't choose am or pm as it depends on the class size and makeup. This means that depending on which session he is placed in, one or both of my school kids may be riding a bus. My babies. On a bus. With Alexander, I'm ok. I'm sentimental, but ok. The thought of putting my 3 year old on a bus makes me dizzy. If I could carry her there in my womb, I would do it. I have friends who have already been through this and survived. Her IEP specifies door to door service. It will be ok. She will be ok. I will be driving behind that bus on the first day, even if it means Mark misses work.

Enough of that. Recently our camera was dropped and broke. My camera is like an appendage. I cannot be without one, but fixing old cameras costs as much as buying a new one. Mark was having heart palpitations about spending the money on a new one, but this did not compare to my freak out in not having one. So after a little research we took our birthday cash and picked up a Sony point and shoot. This new tiny camera is light years ahead of my old camera and even films in HD. I'm not even sure exactly what HD is.

I've only snapped a few shots and am just learning all the settings. So far, I'm pretty impressed. I'm also thrilled that it has a rechargeable battery which practically pays for itself in a year or so. This little camera has a feature to shoot panoramic photos. You hold down the button and span to get your shot and it stitches it together. You're supposed to shoot in a straight line. I hate being told what to do so the kids and I messed around a little tonight (even though the light was a bit too dim) and came up with a few mind benders. Instead of shooting straight, I shot in an arc. Instead of having them sit still, I encouraged them to run in circles resulting in multiple images of each kid in the same shot. It's best to click them to enlarge.

Oh my sweet Lainey Lou. You won't leave your momma for school. What are we going to do with ourselves this fall?
School doesn't start for Sophie for four weeks and 5 weeks for Alexander, so I am refocusing on enjoying every last drop of summer. We hope to hit the beach this week, camera in hand.


SallyK said...

19 years ago I put my son, Andy, who was 3, on a bus for pre-school. I also had to depend on a babysitter to show up and meet him at the bus when he got home. Looking back now I can't believe I had the courage. But you know, it was a big step on his road to independence. It's one of the first "letting go" moments for Moms. Of course, everything worked out great for us and it will for you all too. Sending out a little prayer for courage for you ... Your children are adorable! My "baby" is now a strapping 22 year old young man who is very independent - working, playing and generally enjoying life. North Coast Muse @

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