Wednesday, August 18, 2010

These Days

We met up with our new friends Mara, Michael, Annie, Ryan, and Andrew for a playdate. They introduced us to the snack Pirate's Booty and showed us a great time. In the pictures I snapped there are a dozen or so orbs which means we were either surrounded by angels or the new camera and I need to have a talk. grrr. Anyway, I am so lucky to have found Mara so quickly. Not only does she have a great family, but I know we'll have some fun together. She's introduced me to a few other cool people and I'll be helping her with raffles for the Buddy Walk at Mark's university.

We were a little late to our playdate because when I loaded us up in the van I discovered that our GPS had been stolen. Nothing else was taken (thank God) and there wasn't any damage. This leads me to believe that I left it unlocked when I went grocery shopping and the thieves got lucky. At least, I hope it was unlocked because then maybe they won't break in again. I made a police report for the record but know I won't get it back. I'm angry at myself for possibly leaving the car unlocked and at the person who helped themselves to a device that has given me the courage I need to explore our new area. We dipped into savings to get another one (which hurt) and I can't quite shake that feeling of being violated and creeped out that such a person touched our lives. This did not happen because we are in a big city. It happened at our old house too, only that time they got away with a power adapter and loose change. We know better. The new GPS is coming inside after each trip and we are triple checking all the doors. No more leaving the windows cracked at night either dang it!

Basket cases!


My sweet kindergartner! He's been assigned to the afternoon class which means he will be taking a bus. This also means that I can run Sophie to school in the mornings before Mark heads to work. No bus for my 3 year old girl! Hooray!!!

Happy random Wednesday!


Becca said...

Awww, cute pics, and I especially LOVE the one of Alexander! Really great shot. So sorry about your GPS. One good thing is that you don't have a garage. There was this big to-do about thieves stealing GPS units AND garage door openers from cars, that way they had the home address (programmed into the unit) and a means to enter the property. Yikes.
Btw, did the orb pictures only start when you got the new camera? If so, you may want to take it back and see if they can replace it... Curious.

Anonymous said...

too cute! Sorry to hear about the gps-that stinks! Hope Mark has a great first day at his new job and that Alexander has a terrific day at his school-Sophie too :)