Wednesday, August 11, 2010

(not really Wordless) Wednesday

Dust? Effect from the flash, or spooky orb?

I'm going with dust or effect from the flash.

Centipedes beware. If I find you, Mark will squish you. You have been warned you nasty oggie boogies (other friends call them called dust mops or creepie crawlies). 5 exterminated in the past week, ranging in size from an inch to about 4 inches. This gal even has a blog on her war against them.

Steaks for dinner (cheese steaks that is). Otherwise entitled, Cultural Assimilation.

Tea parties in the princess bed are the best kind.
Lastly, hello pretty girl! Mark has a MAC. I have a Dell. Yesterday his job provided him with a new MAC so I'm switching over.
Files are transferring as I type and the conversion is nearly complete. As Mark's brother put it, it's time to drink the (Apple) kool aid. Bye bye Dell. Enjoy your time with Alexander, surfing youtube and learning about ships.

Happy random Wednesday!


Becca said...

Omg, those things are soooo gross. Yikes. I don't kill them, though because they're about the size of small birds. Just. Too. Big.
Cultural Assimilation - ROTFL! Not quite, until you add Cheez Whiz into the mix... But I'm certain you'll get there eventually.

No comment about the PC to MAC switch.

JRS said...

So Easy Cheese doesn't constitute cheese wiz? I could only find cheese wiz in a jar, not a squeeze can. Thought I was doing well. haha

Becca said...

Sorry, didn't see that in the pic. I think that counts. You're doing just fine! :-)

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