Sunday, November 4, 2012

Happy Halloween

33 watermarkedThe day after Superstorm Sandy, the Kerstings who did not lose power, had us over for dinner, hot showers, recharging computers and baking cupcakes for Sophie’s school Halloween party.

34 watermarked By candle light at home we decorated the cupcakes and watched Charlie Brown movies on the laptop.

collage 9 37 watermarked IMG_4348 resizedSuperstorm Sandy tried but was unable to take our Halloween from us. Our power came back on at 5:46am, 32 hours after we lost it. I know because the cable box made a clicking sound and I woke up immediately.  With it came heat, tv, internet, school, and a happy family.

1 watermarkedMy little wolf

IMG_4370 watermarkedKitty cat in her award winning costume with her friends 

IMG_4396 watermarkedAlexander as Herobrine from Minecraft 

Helena headed to preschool in costume and the kids got on the bus.  As Sophie goes to am kindergarten and repeats class by attending pm kindergarten, she had two Halloween parties.  In the afternoon, Helena and I headed back to school for the Halloween parade which was held indoors followed by parties in the classrooms.

embedded video below.  If you can’t see it, click HERE

We were so excited to have the Kerstings join us for trick or treating.  As Ras is from Germany, Samuel is 2, and Klara is 1, this was their first year for trick or treating.  That was a lot of fun to witness. Sophie’s hip started bothering her, so we carried her between houses but had her walk to the doors.  The kids made quite the haul. Getting out of the house and socializing with the neighbors was just what we needed.
Thank goodness our generator arrived on Friday. We will be glad to have it during the next power outage. It’s powerful enough to run the fridge, furnace, and a few other items, which is all we really need.  Here’s hoping that won’t be for a long time.  Happy Halloween!

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