Sunday, December 9, 2012

2nd Annual Ugly Holiday Sweater Party

collage 1 watermarked

In case you hadn’t noticed, I love a good party.  Especially a party with a theme.  Sure, it’s a pain to prepare, but being with fabulous people having a great time is well worth the work.collage 2 watermarked

No matter how many people attend our parties, we always end up congregating in the kitchen. We hosted our 2nd annual ugly sweater party and this year and added the option of ugly hats.  We take this VERY seriously.  Many think it’s easy to find a tacky sweater but believe you me, it is always a hunt.  I found mine this year at Blain’s Farm and Fleet in Iowa.  We ordered Mark’s wool Cosby Sweater from an Etsy shop (warning, strong language in link, click HERE).  The tag says it was made in Yugoslavia for goodness sake. 

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When I say we take it seriously, I mean seriously.  For the second year in a row we ordered a trophy for the winner.  Mrs. Mara Sears was the 2011 winner.  I am thinking of getting a plaque that records the names of winners from year to year.

2011 watermarkedLast year we had the party at our house complete with everyone’s kiddos.  This year we started at our house with just adults for a couple of drinks and hors d’ oeuvres and after a while we moved on to an Irish pub near by.  Our guests would have been happy to stay at the house but this mama wanted a night out and it gave the other parents a good reason to get a sitter and let loose a little.  Before we could leave, the ballots had to be cast.

Then off we went.  Without kids.  Just adults.  Having adult conversations.

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More friends joined us at the pub and we took control of the jukebox.  When I actually take a moment to sit back and let it in, the blessings we have received in our new city and the connections we have made, it is overwhelming.  It was a top night.

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p.s. Mark had an excuse to wear the Bowler hat he bought in New Orleans, which made him very happy.