Saturday, October 19, 2013

Buddy Walk 2013

Team Sophie rocked our 7th year of participating in the Buddy Walk for Down syndrome awareness.  To be honest, I wasn’t sure we would be doing it this year for a variety of reasons. 

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I formed a new Daisy Girl Scout troop for Sophie’s 1st grade and Kindergarten peers.  Our troop decided to support Team Sophie and Team Nate.  Maddy is in 1st grade and her handsome little brother Nate happens to have DS.  Somehow we ended up in the local paper.


By Linda Stein

On Sunday about 4,000 people will gather to take part in the 12th annual Buddy Walk and Family Fun Day which benefits the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Trisomy 21 Program.

Trisomy 21 refers to the presence of three copies of the number 21 chromosome, rather than the usual pair. It causes Down syndrome, one of the most common genetic disorders affecting some 350,000 Americans, according to the Down Syndrome Society.  This year, 16 Girl Scouts, who are part of Sophie’s Team, will take part.

Sophie Schrad, 6, a Radnor Elementary School student with Down syndrome, will join members of her Daisy Scout troop taking part in the walk, said her mother, Jen Schrad. The Schrad family has participated in the event since Sophie was born, said Schrad, who is also the troop’s leader.  read the full article here.

Not only was I blown away by the support from Sophie’s troop sisters, but I came home the other day to find an envelope full of more donations from our elementary school community for Team Sophie.  We are overwhelmed.

Newspaper article

Darth Vader & a very brave young Jedi

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We are exactly where we are supposed to be.