Monday, July 6, 2009

A 3 Act Play

Summer Vacation

ACT 1, Road trip to Iowa

Scene 1: Sophie turns 2! Before we venture out on the road, it's time for a few presents.

It really stinks that this pic is so out of focus because I love her expression

Scene 2: The drive. Typically it is 5 to 5 & 1/2 hours from our house to my hometown and where both sets of parents now live. Thanks to construction it was 6 & 1/2. We were in completely stopped and in Park for a long time so we let the kids out of their seats for a little while. (oh, don't judge me Internets!)
There's always a feeling of excitement as we near the 'loo (Waterloo to the rest of you). Catching sight of the brown noise reduction fence along the interstate in EDale means I'm almost home. Mark's parents moved back to C.F. (Cedar Falls) in May and we're seeing their new home for the first time. They graciously gave up their bedroom for our family of 5.
Scene 3: Meeting the grandparents. My folks came over and spent some time with their newest grand baby.

Scene 4: We are in town for a wedding on Mark's side. Everyone in his Huge family would be congregating at his parent's house and grilling out for his dad's birthday the night before the wedding. We'll take any excuse to party and get together.
say 'cheese' cousin Matt
3 brothers, notice the resemblance?

With skill we didn't know he possessed, Uncle Kent got a screaming baby to sleep

to be continued...


Lacey said...

Looks like a great time. What a great uncle. The men seem to always be able to quiet a screaming baby.

amy flege said...

living in waverly all my life and driving there from CR i know that brown fence all too well! how long are you going to be here? can we some how get together?

My name is Sarah said...

oh yes, go uncle Kent:) Looks like a great time.