Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Scenes 5-7

Act 1, continued...

Scene 5: The wedding. Mark's cousin and his beautiful bride are theater people and quite creative artists. In fact, Brian was the singer at our wedding and had to rush out when it was over to perform in a play that night. Their wedding was at the Oster Regent Theater and was set up like a play. It was really amazing. Both sets of parents were seated on either side of the stage in box seats. I forgot to take pictures of course.

Scene 6: The reception. C.F. Rotary. Very nice. We had a great time and were home in time to catch the fireworks on the high-def tv as the kids were no where near able to go out for the real thing after such a long exciting day.

The adoring Aunties

Mark's Aunt Judy, Godmother, and Iowa Secretary of Education

Bonus picture

Scene 7: The next day my sisters, parents, niece and nephew had dinner (good old IA pork tenderloins from Steamboat, yum!) with Grandpa and Aunt Andy. Grandpa's not feeling so great these days, but its always good to see him.
End Act 1

to be continued...

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