Friday, September 3, 2010

Preschool Blues Part III, Unhappy Mama Bear

We have greatly appreciated the support from you all during Sophie's first week of preschool. We feel the love! She has had some good experiences and I'm not ready to change schools due to the problems we have had. I am a mother first but I am also an Advocate with a capital A, a job I take seriously. I need to make this right for Sophie's benefit and for all of the other kids at her school. I sent the email reply (below) to Sophie's preschool today after I had been emailed by Sophie's lead teacher who apologized that her bulging diaper (pee & dried poop!) had gone unnoticed yesterday. This mama don't play that. grr!

I will continue to document my concerns and reach out to the school until things are right. At this time I am working directly with her teacher and do not feel an IEP meeting needs to be called. Other ideas from our savvy friends would be welcomed. Rather than explain what happened I am posting my email response below (shrunk to save space). Click the 3 images to enlarge. Names of the teachers have been removed for privacy.



UPDATE: I received an email response from her teacher this afternoon and they address every.single.last concern. We may need to tweak some of the plans to get them just right, but overall I am pleased. Hallelujah!


Anonymous said...

We have a 3yr old preschool program here where I work...I will ask some questions and get back to you. Here's hoping that you have a lovely weekend.
love, the prairie

Becca said...

Wow, well-put. I totally hear you on the frustrations. We're having a few similar frustrations with Samantha's private preschool (Tu, Th). Her Special Ed preschool (M, W, Fr) definitely "gets" it and are very attentive, but I suspect the private school may just not know what to do with her yet. I read your e-mail to the teacher with great interest, as I think I will be crafting one of a similar nature very soon. I hope you get a positive response that nets a positive outcome, and *soon*. Keep us posted!

Cate said...

I think your approach is perfect. Don't let them get away with anything. Your tone in the email is great - pleasant but firm. I wouldn't rush to call an IEP meeting either.