Thursday, September 30, 2010

These Days

Some days are considered colossal failures, even before my feet hit the floor. This is usually after a night (or 3) of little or broken sleep caused by 1 or 2 cats and/or 1 or more of 3 kids awake, multiple times in the night. Mama is usually very grumpy but Mama does not get a day off and life must go on.

Sometimes it means taking all 3 of the monkeys to the grocery store and playing musical seats in the blue car cart while trying to keep Helena (the Schmoog) from breaking more than one jar of olives off the shelves.
Sometimes it means "mowing with a weed whacker - again - because the mower is still on the fritz. (maybe I should invest in a razor, ha!)

Thankfully these moments are peppered with sweetness. (Fred the cat, you are so lucky that they love you so much because if you pee on my bed 1 more time I swear you will be a street cat!)
I finally have a kid that likes to eat, just like her mama!

Don't let the cuteness fool you. This was soon followed by a wrestling match for that stolen toothbrush. I moonlight as a referee you know.

Say "cheese!"

(more of these will follow soon) Sophie & Daddy + popcorn @ Villanova vs. Penn football game = happiness!

She slept with pig tails and woke up like this. They kind of look like horns and that is fitting at times.

More often than not the kitchen floor looks like this after every meal. No. Really. I enjoy sweeping 3 times a day! I live to clean up after you people!

Then there are moments of blissful sleep like this with Alexander and his night light and puppy.
Why is the picture rotated left? Well, because blogger keeps loading it this way no matter what I do to fix it, which fits right in with this crap day.

Then, just when I'm feeling about as grumpy as I can I am reminded that we are indeed blessed and my trivial little grievances do not compare to what others I know are battling each day. As I fight back tears of frustration my 1 year old says (I swear it is true) "Mommy, Mommy I love you!" or "I'm so mad!" (either one makes me smile).

Sophie runs into my arms with the best hug ever given and pats my back saying "awww, ni(ce)."

Alexander writes his name, the numbers 1-10 and his address without 5,000 prompts during homework time.

So, I find myself regrouping and I need to. I'm about to attempt bath night (without Mark) which has lately led to a code brown every.single.time!

Wish me luck. I need to have them in bed by 9 EST for Grey's Anatomy!


Brandie said...

You have such beautiful children! Good luck w/ bath time. We went through a stage where I kept a potty next to the tub.

JRS said...

Thank you Brandie. It worked out well last night, thank goodness!

Becca said...

Great photos, Jen! So sweet. I can't imagine juggling all three at the supermarket, though. I'm truly impressed. It's hard enough with both me *and* Steve keeping just Samantha in check!