Friday, September 17, 2010

September 25th Eunice Kennedy Shriver Day

The 1st annual Eunice Kennedy Shriver day is almost here! Click HERE for more information. If this isn't inspiration, I don't know what is. Mrs. Shriver surely has a special place in Heaven. She was such an amazing woman and a personal hero of mine as is her family who continue to carry her torch.


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Tribute Video (tissue alert)

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Eunice Kennedy Shriver Day in Pennsylvania
The state of Pennsylvania, under the leadership of Governor Edward G. Rendell, will recognize and honor the life-long contributions of Eunice Kennedy Shriver by permanently hanging her image on the walls of the Capitol Building in Harrisburg, PA. In addition to celebrating her life, the event will recognize the 40th Anniversary of the Special Olympics Pennsylvania under a theme of “40 Years of Transforming Lives,” demonstrating the impact it has had as part of the movement in continuing the legacy of its late founder.

A new post about EKS Day was just added on my blog HERE. Do you have an Act of Unity planned for next Saturday?


Becca said...

Why, yes, we do, actually - our Buddy Walk is next Saturday! What a perfect day to celebrate!

Great post, Jen. She was definitely an amazing woman who helped change the world for our children.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jen, its Liz. Awesome-Beautiful, way cool. Man I miss you guys so much! Give hugs to all please. Call me when you can. Untill then thinking of you all often. Love your sis Liz XOXOXO