Saturday, July 19, 2008

Birthday, Breakfast, Baubles & B'Art

OK, so it's just art, not b'art...So far my birthday has been a lot of fun, despite the rain. Just the girls were out to breakfast at a greasy diner and back before the boys even woke up.

Yesterday I discovered a new female artist that I LOVE, Erin Smith, and 2 pieces that I couldn't live without. Her work:
"is a collage of acrylic, watercolor, inks, paper, found objects, original paintings, and digital media. The finished product is printed on archival canvas and hand stretched on a hardwood frame. Each canvas is signed by the artist. The prose is original and the meandering lyrics of a day in the life of the artist. and mother. and wife. Some people don't get it. Others can't live without it."

Additional birthday cash made it possible to pick up some shiny new earrings, also handmade by artist Kathleen Plate. A girl's got to have birthday baubles. So here's a big birthday THANK YOU to Grandma Betty, Mom & Dad, Paula & Dale, Liz et al, Grandma Mary, Mark, Alexander & Sophie for such wonderful gifts! I think I'll pick up some tofu pad thai for lunch and a bottle of Cartlidge and Browne cab (my new fav thanks to Mark's discovery) to go with dinner. What a great day and its only half way over!
Check my sidebar for a better look at the new artwork. I watermarked them, but if you click the pictures, it will take you to her website. Since it's hard to read this small, they say, "everything's been fabulous since I realized my life is just like a Norman Rockwell painting." and "I'm sorry I just please need you to shut up for one minute." Love em.


RK said...

Super big Happy Birthday... I'm loaded up in family on both sides today, but I'd trade 'em for you! :o) Enjoy that pad thai!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Jen! The pictures are so cute of you girls. Im glad your day is going so well. Love the earings and the art work is so you. Love your sis Liz

JRS said...

aww. That's sweet. Sorry to have missed you this weekend.

Love ya too!