Sunday, July 27, 2008

Mt. Zubba Bubba Day 1, or Lions & Tigers & Bears, Oh My

Day 1 on vacation at Mark's folks new home in Tennessee.

In the morning on Mount Zubba Bubba (the name Alexander gave to the mountain his grandparents live on) the fog is thick. Basically, this shot is in the clouds off of the back porch.
Mark stayed at home to work and Papa and Grandma Paula treated us to the Knoxville Zoo.
It was HOT. And I do mean HOT! Ice cream sandwiches and raspberry slushies that stained my mouth blue saved us all.

By the end of the day, I wanted to be carried too.


Anonymous said...

Thats cool, family vaca all around. Just last week we were @ the Henery Doorly zoo in Omaha. Also VERY HOT! Thank God for snow cones and ice cold water, which also turned our toungs blue. Funny! Love ya Liz.

JRS said...

Doncha just love staining your tongue blue? Glad you guys had a fun time too.

Anonymous said...

Your funny! :) I love you!!!!!!!! Liz.