Thursday, July 24, 2008

What do Therapies Look Like?

Sophie has Developmental Therapy (DT) at home 1/month. She has Occupational Therapy (OT, for fine motor skills) at home 1/month. Physical Therapy (PT for gross motor skills) is on site 2x/month. Speech Therapy (ST) is 1x/week at home. We're working on; taking items "in and out" of shiny bowls or coffee cans, etc. object permanence, cause and effect, sitting, pivoting, getting into and out of sitting, reaching while sitting or on tummy, CRAWLING (we're ALMOST THERE), kneeling, index finger usage, movements of her tongue, chewing harder and different foods (taste, texture) and plenty of other good stuff. She's doing great and continues to impress her wonderful therapists.


RK said...

Way to go Sophie... keep working it, girl! And I miss Louise!!!

Michelle said...

Good job, Sophie!

Anonymous said...

SO BIG! Keep up the good work Sophie. Ya vaca was great-but so tired!!!! Glad to be home now. Enjoy your vaca in TN with electricty. HA HA. Love ya all Liz.

JRS said...

She asks of you all often.

Thanks for the encouragement!

Electricity and running water! At least in these here parts. hehe