Sunday, July 6, 2008

You Say it's Your Birthday


Happy Birthday sweet girl!! Thank you for swimming with Larkin and me yesterday. Amy
Happy 1st birthday, Sweetie!!! Wow a year goes by fast! Maggie
HAPPY BIRTHDAY SOPHIE!! We hope your day is WONDERFUL! God bless you, you little cutie!!! Diane
Happy birthday little one! Hope your day is filled with fun, laughter and cake! Eli
HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEETIE!!! Josie and I are SOOOO lucky!!! We get to go to Sophie's Birthday party a week from Friday here in Iowa!!! I am so excited to meet Jen and Sophie!!! Brigette
Happy Birthday! Rae
Have a wonderful first birthday sweetie!! Gillian
Happy Birthday Sophie!! Hope you have a great day! Shylo
Happy, Happy 1st Birthday! Terri
Happy birthday Princess. Maxine
Happy 1st Birthday Sophie. Lisa
Happy 1st Birthday Sophie!!! Nancy
Happy Birthday Sophie!!!!! A.
Happy, Happy Birthday Cute Girl! Wow - 1 already! Sending you a birthday hug! Julie
Happy Birthday! I hope it was loads of fun! Tom
Happy Birthday Sweetie! I hope you had a terrific day. Cathy
Happy Birthday! Hope you had a wonderful day!!! Ecki Happy Birthday baby girl. Chelle Happy Birthday cutie!!! Renee Aw.. first birthdays can be bitter sweet..I remember. Happy Birthday SOPHIE! We love you!You are a livin' doll. I hope you got lots of presents and birthday cake!!!! Amy HAPPY FIRST BIRTHDAY Kelly Happy birthday Sophie! Wow, one already?! Bethany Happy Birthday, Sophie! Anna


~Melissa~ said...

Happy birthday!!!

I just get so teary during those slide shows - it's a beautiful one!

Anonymous said...

Its her birthday, but i'll cry if I want to! I love it my PRETTY IN PINK-PINK little PRINCESS!!!!! You guys sure made her 1st birthday very nice. Now I really cant wait to see you all. YEAH- tonight!!!!!!! Loads of love, and safe travels. Liz

Mommy to those Special Ks said...

Happy birthday Sophia!!! And tell your mommy and daddy for us thank you SO much for the sweet card and the gift card!! We appreciate it so much! :) We are praying this is a FABULOUS year for you all!

JRS said...

Thanks! I get teary too.

We sure did have a fun PINK day. Sorry for making you cry.

You're so very welcome. I wish we could do more. We're praying for Kennedy everyday. Thank you for the birthday wishes. Hope this year is fabulous for you all as well!