Wednesday, July 2, 2008

To My Sugar Bear

For My Daughter on Her 1st Birthday

12 months ago:
1. I learned that during childbirth, despite what they teach in class, babies CAN fall out.

2. Your daddy became my hero, again, as he prepared to deliver you himself.

3. You stopped breathing in recovery from surgery (and so did I), presumably from too much morphine.

4. You showed me your strength and gave me a glimpse of all you had to teach me.

5. I had no idea that your giggle could stop my heart.

6. I did not know that it would take us 2 weeks and 1 day to bring you home from the NICU & 6 weeks to learn to nurse. You've taught me so much about patience and perseverance.

7. I knew God had entrusted me with your very precious life and I vowed to do my best by you.

8. Your brother got his first inkling that the universe does not, in fact, revolve around him. He quickly went from asking us to bring you back to the hospital to giving you the sweetest kisses every night at bed time.

9. You stole your daddy's heart. You have him wrapped around your finger and he loves you so.

10. I didn't know how many lives you would touch or all of the people you would bring into our world.

11. You made me a mother to a daughter which is a very special thing.

12. You changed me down in the core of my Being the moment I saw your beautiful face in ways I don't yet fully realize.

Thank you for scary baby growls and high pitched squeals of delight. Thank you for chubby thighs and your big Buddha belly that we've worked so hard on. I cannot fully explain the joy you have brought into my life. I am so proud of you and I know my purpose on this earth when I look at you and your brother. There is so much I have learned because of you. Thank you for teaching me about acceptance. Your big blue eyes see into the depths of my soul and you accept me. Thank you. Thank you Sophia Madison for choosing me to be your mom.
Happy Birthday Sugar Bear.

Love, Mom


Anonymous said...

HAPPY 1ST BIRTHDAY SOPHIE! We all love you so much! You truly are a blessing, and a wonderful gift form God. And thankyou Sophie for filling my heart with so much faith, hope, joy, and love. Everyday you help me see things alot more clear. And God did bless you, and your brother with the best parents, for they both are awesome! I love you sweety, see you soon. Love your aunt Lizzy.

Michelle said...

Happy birthday to a beautiful little girl! What a wonderful video.

JRS said...

Your welcome. You know I have kids just for you ;-}

Thanks for the well wishes! Now on to the next video...