Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Mt. Zubba Bubba Day 4

At the bottom of Mount Zubba Bubba is a convenience store. Our new friend we met at the pool says that they sell fried chicken next to live bait. I hear tell if you go in briefly, you come out smellin of grease. I just love the name.

We spent the morning at the pool again and I got a little burned on my shoulders. I think I may have the beginnings of a tan though. (something I haven't had since high school when I stopped worshipping the sun).
The pool is in Norris State Park (1.5 miles from the house). The view from both the kiddie pool and big pool is gorgeous. They both sit at the edge of the mountain giving you a spectacular view. These 2 shots were taken behind the diving board area (Paula and I are both diving queens, though she can do a pretty good jack knife).
flowers behind the diving area


Anonymous said...

WOW SO PRETTY! We were at the pool also today(the C.F falls aqutic center). It was cool, 1st timers 4 Katie, Emma and I. Would be fun to go to sometime!(?) Next summer obvesly, because it will be closed and cold when you all come back. Thats it 4 now. Liz

JRS said...

It would be great to go. Maybe we'll move back and hang out all summer next year.

Anonymous said...

Yeah that would be great!!!!!!! I love it, I hope you do. HEHEHEHE! Liz.