Friday, December 12, 2008

Button nose

Ok ok. We were waiting for 2 family members to return calls before announcing the news, but enough's enough already.
Isn't she lovely? And now the search for a name begins...


Bethany said...

OMG a girl! Congratulations!

RK said...

Very cool!! It's really only fitting that our girls have little sisters to dress and play with.

Alexander's tough...he'll still be king. :o)

And I was gonna just knock on your door and ask you to give up the news, but we didn't get to come with M this weekend...he's up there somewhere.

My name is Sarah said...

Oh a Girl!!!! Congratulations. Maybe Sarah would be a good name. Just kidding.

whatever to us said...

Congratulations on your newest little miss to be :) Tell Mark he can always shift the power back to balanced with a male dog- Jason's still threatening to do that,lol!

JRS said...

Thanks! We're tickled - pink.

Wish you would have. I miss ya.

I'm considering it. We have a cousin named Sarah and Mark has been vetoing all currently used names though. Keep the suggestions coming.

whatever to us-
Thanks for keeping the secret.