Thursday, December 18, 2008

Hearts and Lungs

First, everything is fine. However, yesterday at my prenatal appointment with my midwife I got to hear a few not-so-fun things:
I can't find the heartbeat.
Have you felt movement recently?
Have you had an ultrasound yet?

After the nurse failed to find the heartbeat my midwife came in and asked how I was. "I'll be better when I hear her heart." "Yes, let's do that right away." I held my breath and panic at bay but when a million years passed and just as I was about to ask, what's next? Maybe popped in with a strong thumpety thump. Guess she just wanted to play a trick on her old mom. Still, my midwife called it their scare of the day. Not fun.

Second, Sophie has croup, again. It's the third time since November. Each time she gets it, her ped wants to listen to her lungs, which is fine with me. However, he trusts that I know what I'm doing and has given me extra meds (steroids) to give her if need be. Two nights ago around midnight I crushed up the dexamethasone (a steroid) and shortly after she was able to sleep without coughing. Yesterday her ped said her lungs sounded fine and she had no fever, but she never has a fever with the croup. Her ped changed up her meds upon my request. After a tip from a downsynner we got a steroid in liquid form, prednisolone. It seems to go down great as I'm sure the sweet taste helps versus the icky crushed pill in apple sauce. The pill was one time lasting 72 hours and the liquid is twice daily for a few days. Both need to be taken with food or milk. Her dosage is very small.

It seems that until she gets older and bigger that she may be prone to developing croup when she gets a bad cold. Her airway is just too tiny to be able to handle it well when her system is clogged or swollen and then barking cough starts. It's an awful sound, but the worst is during a coughing fit when she tries to inhale and can't very well (a squeaky sound called stridor). That's the part that gets me. Fortunately the spells don't last very long. She'll be on the steroid for a few more days and I have plenty of refills if we need them. She's sleeping with me so that I can monitor her breathing better. She went to bed last night at 5:30pm and slept quite well till 7 am, so I'm hoping for a better day today.

On a really positive note, Sophie has become an expert crawler and has begun to favor crawling vs. her signature sidewinder move! She's pulling to stand all the time and is one heartbeat away from cruising!!!


Anonymous said...

OMG!!! If it not one thing, it is another with our children. There is nothing worse then a nurse or doctore saying something like that. Deep cleansing breaths. Hope Soph is feeling well soon. Take care babe, the prairie

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear everything was a-ok with maybe baby- they just start younger and younger causing grey hairs, don't they?? Sorry to hear little miss is sick- I know exactly what cough you're talking about. Dom has a standing script for his neb- thankfully, it gets better as they get bigger and we typically only need to use albuterol instead of steroids now. hope your sweet pea feels 100% soon and hooray for the pulling up :)

Michelle said...

oh how scary - I'm so glad to hear maybe is okay!

Melissa @ Banana Migraine said...

Yikes! How scary for you - I'm glad you had a happy ending there.

I hope Sophie is feeling better - croup is no fun! Yay for the pulling up almost cruising!!

Bethany said...

1) Thank goodness everything is okay with the pregnancy ... whew!

2) Sorry Sophie is sick. Megan (Stephanie's daughter) seems to have croup A LOT too. :(

3) Awesome on the gross motor! Yay!

narretto said...

HI I am just checking out your blog for the first time...your little girl is just adorable. When I started reading about the prednisolone I thought about when my little guy was in the hosp. a couple of years ago with all of his breathing troubles. I do not want to insult you but do you know that predi. has to be weaned off of the child after 5 days? I went home from the hosp. one timeand the drs.there told me to give William the steroid when his breathing got bad. When I went to the ped. she said no way and you have to wean them off. I hope this is helpful and does not offend you. Good luck with the resp. little guy is actually on meds. right now for is not fun so I hope she is back to herself soon