Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Merry Christmas Phoenix - You Suck

We are home from holiday travels!!! It was so nice to see family and take a long computer break, but it sure is nice to sleep in my own bed and plug back in. What's NOT nice is the credit card bill I received yesterday. A credit card bill from a Visa card that has a zero balance and that I had to dig out of a desk. A credit card we have not used in forever, but keep for emergencies. A credit card that now has $1,709 on it.

You might remember less than a year ago when Mark was in Europe and got his card copied. We got a very early call from Scotland Yard about the Euro-thieves and our international debit card debacle. The thieves got their cash but eventually we got it resolved.

A few weeks ago I received a letter from my hometown bank (where I have this Visa card) letting me know that I could get a new one as mine may have had a security breech. "But it's got a zero balance, is in a drawer somewhere, and hadn't been used in ages." Obviously I didn't get a new card and according to the statement, someone in Phoenix, AZ had a very good Christmas on me at Walmart. There are 4 charges totalling $1,709 and a fifth purchase was attempted, but the fraud alert had kicked in and put a hold on the card. Apparently $1,709 in Walmart charges, in one day, out of state, triggered what's called a prism alert. Since I hadn't given Visa my new phone number (didn't cross my mind) I only discovered this when we got the mail.

Seriously? Seriously. The Visa department says I used my card somewhere (Walmart, Target, or somewhere) even if it was over a year ago. Then recently the thieves hacked into the store (merchant), got my name and card number, and made a duplicate card. As soon as I get the paperwork back to them, Visa will take care of the rest and I should get my money returned. Since I have a great alibi (our level II ultrasound took place on the spending spree day) I can't imagine that it won't work out. Still, some jack#@@ used MY name to rip me off and it makes me mad. Twice in 1 year! Even with a police report, I seriously doubt the thief will be pursued. In the end Walmart will eat it and I think they should for not getting ID.


My name is Sarah said...

This is Joyce, OH that is so rotten. I was thinking though, if I had the gumption to use someone elses card for that much money it sure wouldn't be at Wal-Mart. But then again maybe they know that is an easy place since they don;t bother checking ID. So sorry you have to go through all the hassle of this.

Anonymous said...

OMG-Seriously??? That's insane- I hope it all works out and the theif is prosecuted...how else are they going to learn? Glad that you had a good holiday and are home safe and sound....I nominated your blog on ours, swing over and play if you want :)

Larkinsmom said...

You know what is so strange to me is how OFTEN this happens at Wal-Marts. There were two separate events over the holidays here in good ole ChampooUrbana.

Does Wal-Mart not care? Why not just train ALL cashiers to ask for ID in EVERY transaction involving credit cards? I don't mind showing mine. I appreciate being asked.

Makes one wonder....are the cashiers in on it?