Monday, December 15, 2008

DSN Holiday Party

Last Monday was our local Down syndrome group's holiday party. It was a blast last year and this year was a lot of fun too. The food was great and there was plenty of room for the kids to run around, including a dance floor that Alexander really cut up. He had a sweaty head within 5 minutes of us arriving. Besides the fun music and activities, Santa's elves, the Girl Scouts, showed up to give each kid a stuffed animal. Our local DSN did a great job once again. I'm happy that Alexander will have memories of "always" playing with kids of different abilities.

I rarely paint my nails. It takes too long, I mess them up, and they chip within a day or 2. Well, I painted my nails and turned my back for a second and this is what happened. I found him trying desperately to wash it off in the bathroom.

Sophie got a bear (looks a little like a rat if you ask me) that has a neat texture

Alexander chose a puppy for his gift
Sophie and our favorite 14 year old Miss P.


RK said...

Great pics.... we are sad we aren't there to have fun too. Everyone's having such great holiday parties... maybe next year we'll find one to crash. :o)

Oh and thanks for the cute stuff and the great pic on the card!!

Melissa @ Banana Migraine said...

Oh my gosh! Look at that nailpolish! Yikes. You all are so beautiful - lovely holiday pictures.

My name is Sarah said...

what great pictures. my mom is really laughing about the nail polish. she says I did that too.