Friday, December 5, 2008

Family Fun at the North Pole

We stopped at a greezy diner last night for breakfast at dinner and I drove. After dinner while putting the kids in their car seats, Alexander informed Mark of the following:

(Alexander) "You should drive Daddy. Mommy isn't a very good driver."
(Mark) "Mommy is an excellent driver."
(Alexander) Mommy is good at the computer."

There is something wrong with that on so many levels.

Also, yesterday Alexander's top right front tooth began to turn grey from the inside (as in not a stain on the outside). The grey is the top half of the tooth. He has not had any mouth injuries that we know of, including at preschool. It's even darker grey this morning and we're going to the dentist today.

Mark and his little brother had a 'black tooth' as kids, but both were from injuries where the tooth got chipped. Mark's ended up getting an abscess and pulled leaving him without a front tooth for years. Since I too had a front tooth accident (losing both in a tree swing accident a year earlier than they would have fallen out), and remember it well, I'm freaking out a little bit. I know it's just a tooth, but he's only 3. Man!

Then, last night our local hospital sponsored an event filled with live reindeer, Santa and Mrs. Claus, teddy bear check ups by the doctors, and crafts (making reindeer hats). This time Alexander wrote his wish list and delivered it to Santa himself without running away. Sophie had a good time too.


Michelle said...

Well... at least you're good at the computer! ha! So cute!

Hope the dentist went well...

The Santa visit looks like FUN!!

Bethany said...

Hey! I got the gingerbread train at Bed, Bath and Beyond. Good luck getting one ... they were in the Black Friday ad and I heard they sold out quick!

Liz said...

That's so cool. I wish we had hospitals around here that would do that. Too bad about the tooth. Hope all is well now. Sorry for constantly playing phone tag and I'll talk to ya soon. Love to all,

Bethany said...

I read this the other day and had to come back to comment about what your son said about you being good at the computer. Are you sure you weren't talking to my son? That is freakin hilarious! Before I got my laptop (which enabled me to be more visible), my husband always used to joke that if the kids were looking for me, they knew to look in the computer room. Whatever! LOL

JRS said...

Ya, I'm greeeaaat (said sarcastically) at the computer.

No dice on the gingerbread train and I wasn't willing to pay to get one shipped. Watch for Christmas train cake pictures coming soon. I guess the kids don't miss a thing with how we spend our time (computer wise). Still, we need to have a talk, my son and I.

It was a nice event and it was fun to see that Alexander had warmed up to the idea of talking with Santa.