Thursday, December 4, 2008

Christmas Lights

Whew, we just finished decorating our house with Christmas lights. It took a whole weekend to do. Merry Christmas!

If you believe that, I've got some ocean front property in Arizona to sell you.


Libbey05 said...

I love your music! I come in every day and open your blog and click the music. Thanks! How do you get it on there?


JRS said...

I'm so glad I'm giddy! I actually had daydreams of friends or family enjoying the music while at work or around the house. I'm so glad you told me and are enjoying it! I use I created a playlist based on songs that they had available on their site. You can arrange them in any order. They have an option to 'share' it and give you the coding to embed the player. I futzed with the html coding (who knew I could do suc a thing?) to remove their ads and such and just have the player show up - plus be a small enough size to fit on the sidebar and voila - it's there. Thanks again for sharing!

My name is Sarah said...

you did pretty good to get that all done in a weekend:) looks beautiful

Anonymous said...

Wow- that was awesome! And it only took a weekend?? Well, I think you can do the same for our house this weekend right? LOL Love the music too- it's about the only thing that's putting me in the holiday spirit this year- I'm really turning into a Scrooge..

JRS said...

You're funny.

whatever to us-
Glad the music helped. You can be scroogy for a little while.