Sunday, February 8, 2009

Cookie Tragedy

I just burned a dozen cookies because:

a.) Although I thought I set the timer, it didn't work
b.) I'm watching the DVD The Saint and Val Kilmer always has my full attention
c.) Pregnancy brain
d.) The grips of Facebook have me
e.) All of the above

My reaction to the burnt cookies was:

a.) Oh well. Its just 1 dozen. I've got housework to do and need to prepare for our trip to St. Louis Children's Hospital tomorrow anyway (for Sophie's appts. ENT/audiology & opthomology)
b.) Got mad, chucked them off of the back porch where at least the cats can enjoy watching the squirrels get them.
c.) Dig out a half bag of chocolate chips left over from another baking project and immediately whip up another half batch.
d.) All of the above except 'a'


Bethany said...

LOL this is so me. I burn cookies every damn time I make them because I get distracted with other stuff. Even if I use a timer ... usually I'll be like, "Oh, they need one more minute" ... and I forget to go back to them.

Lacey said...

Thats hilarious!!!

Anonymous said...

sounds like our house, minus the pregnancy brain... prayers for safe travels and more excellent news today for your lil miss :)