Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Ears, 'Cept Different

Not to be left out, today we discovered that both of Alexander's ears have "bad" ear infections that "look like they've been bothering him for a while." Based on his other symptoms (like not eating much and sleeping in today till 11:40) and hearing his cough, doc says it could be bronchitis or pneumonia as well. Didn't need to officially diagnosis the last two as the azithromycin would help all of it. Poor guy has been miserable for nearly a week but I had no idea he had an ear infection (or 2 rather). He's never had one before. Rapid strep was negative and they're doing a full culture.

His daddy is really sick with a cold. Since he's prone to pneumonia and we were already in the building, I made him go to convenient care. While waiting I took both kids into the women's room. Alexander made an escape. Just as I was about to get security as he could not be found, a nice lady in the waiting room pointed out the table he was hiding under. (sigh) People actually giggled as I hauled the two of them outta there to the car to wait. Karma will get 'em.

Sophie and I have the cold crud and when momma's grumpy, everybody's grumpy. Blasted winter! Now back to American Idol. Ya, I admit it. I really like the guy singing now who recently lost his wife. Nice guy. Good pipes. Hope he goes far. Same goes for the piano player who happens to be blind.


Anonymous said...

Now that my children are older I too would have giggled at your predicament knowing full good and well that it really was not funny to you. I find myself smiling at fussy babies because it is such a blessed sound. Love, the prairie

Liz said...

Sorry to hear about Alexander's ears. If I had to choose an illness for him, I'd choose bronchitis over the pneumonia. Hope he feels better soon. As far as him disappearing on you, I have to chuckle too. I knew the same feeling just last week with my 4 year old daughter. That holds true that when momma's grumpy, everybody' grumpy. I'm also a fan of the man on AI who recently lost his wife. I hope he goes far as well.
Sending hugs, love and kisses, and get well wishes,
---Aunt Lizzy