Sunday, February 15, 2009

New Moan Ya

Just to recap;

Alexander had ear infections in both ears and from the sound of things likely bronchitis or pneumonia as of Tuesday. He finished his 5 day course of Azithromycin last night, but is still a little sick. Mark's visit to convenient care last Tuesday resulted in a flyer as to why you can't treat colds with antibiotics. He went back to CC yesterday. Based on his symptoms, he too came home with a pneumonia diagnosis and Azithromycin plus an inhaler. Last night was a peach for Sophie. I took her into CC this morning. There was no one else there (unlike yesterday when Mark waited a couple of hours) and they called us back so quickly that I hadn't got my coat off yet. Yadayadayada, likely ear infections, then we were sent off for an x ray where even I could tell her right lung looked weird. We were sent home with pneumonia diagnosis and Azithromycin. Actually, the radiologist has to give the official diagnosis of pneumonia, but we're starting treatment anyway as they might not get to it until tomorrow and the doc is pretty sure. I convinced the doc to give my ears a look and my sore ear has fluid, but no infection, which is good. i.e. I have a bad cold.

So, joy. We are the house of phlegm. Anyone care to join our club?

On a more fun note, I changed my blog background to a more Springy theme in hope of Winter passing quickly. I noticed that thecutestblogontheblock has made more blatant their terms of service requiring users to use all the coding, including the code that gives them credit and a link back to their site. I'm glad they did that and made their logo/button look cuter and blend in more with the background. I mean really, I claim to support women owned businesses (especially moms). The two creators offer a really cool service, much of which is free, and great tech assistance. I'm happy to link back to them. I'm just sayin.

Lastly, this video is dedicated to Sarah, Joyce, and TJ and is a result of the amazing story they have been sharing about angels among us. I looked for a decent quality version of the original music video, but this one is pretty good. I can't hear it without getting weepy and thinking of Alyssa, my cousin's daughter, that we lost to childhood cancer.

Anyways, I'm off to get a nap (hopefully) or at least curl up with my pink fuzzy slanket (a Christmas gift I'm finally busting out and love so far).

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My name is Sarah said...

This is Joyce. THANK YOU so much for sharing this video. A friend had shared the song with me shortly after the accident but I have not seen this video before. It is beautiful.

I sure hope Alexander feels better soon.