Friday, February 27, 2009


I wanna be sedated.

Ever feel that your efforts to keep the house clean are pointless? For me, the state of my house has a direct effect on the state of my mind. Our living room is the center of our family life. We share meals here. Sophie's therapies (except PT) are done here. We play together here. I blog, check Facebook, pay bills, chat on the phone, change diapers, play Wii and watch tv here.

The kids prefer the room be a mess. Alexander actually tells me so and gets upset when I put the toys away. Sophie follows behind me dumping out whatever I've just picked up and loves to chase the vacuum cleaner. There are days when I just can't bring myself to clean.

I did an experiment of time lapse photography in my living room, over 24 hours, from 2 angles. I started after lunch with my goal to snap a picture every 30 minutes until bedtime and begin again in the morning. The rules I imposed were, be honest, no staging, no cleaning that I wouldn't otherwise have done, don't make it worse than it actually is, whom ever is in the room is in the picture, no posing, no editing.

So what's the point of this experiment? I suppose I had to see for myself if my perceptions matched reality. I need to find humor in this and I need to work on letting go of my cluttered home shame. This video is for all the parents who can't help but feel as if they are spinning their wheels. Now you know how we roll 'round here. I promise to try very hard to not freak out if you want to stop over if only you'll agree not to run away screaming.


Bethany said...

LMAO! Why are you posting pictures of my house?!

gillian said...

What a cool experiment! Looks like a typical house with kids to me!

Larkinsmom said...

I laughed my butt off. So did my hairdresser as I shared the text with him as he was cutting.

Sedated - yes you and I will share that date once you throw the May baby out.

Hollie said...

You are too funny. Don't worry I think every mom feels this way. I just got a sign for our living room at a craft show that said... Please excuse the messy house. The kids are in the process of making memories. Fit our house so it is now on our wall.

Libbey05 said...

Hey! I must have kids a bit older than yours...b/c I think that your living room is fabulously organized. Today we cleaned the kid's room...the apple cores did not have mold on this time but the crusts from the bread crumbled when I picked them never stops....

whatever to us said...

Hey- are you sure that wasn't my house?? I am reminded of a quote from Phyliss Diller "Cleaning a house where children live is as productive as shoveling your drive in the middle of a blizzard"....thinking of you guys today, hope lil miss did well :)

Midwest Mom said...

I love it. :) I don't clean for unexpected visitors. But I find I call and invite people more when the house is clean. (Sort of, "get over here and see this before it disappears!")

But you know, my mom's house was the same way. She raised six of us, so we had our share of 'this room looks like a cyclone hit it' moments.

I remember when I first brought my husband home to meet my family. I warned him, "the house might be a little... cluttered." He smiled and said, "a cluttered house is just full of love." (I love that man.)

- Julia at Midwest Moms