Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Caboose Ride

When KATY CABOOSE rambled down the train tracks,
The engines were steamers with puffing smokestacks.
She was a caboose who disliked being last
With an endless black cloud of smoke rolling past

Katy had little hope she would ever get loose
Or ever be anything but a caboose.

"From now on," Katy promised, "I shall never complain.
"I'll be a happy caboose at the end of a train."

"The Caboose Who Got Loose" written and illustrated by Bill Peet

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Anonymous said...

Ok I may have made a mistake as of to wich spot to leave my demanding Lizzy story in. It was saposed to be in, or under with the train video. For this I am sorry! But hey anyways Jen you know we will never hear the end of how G-MAS house is gone, even though she hasent lived there for years. But glad she is here in town with us in IA. Prayers, and thoughts with all in Tornado Ally, daily. Tired now Liz.