Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Random Information

Tomorrow is Sophie's biopsy for Hirschprung's disease at St. Louis Children's Hospital. We're staying the night as she has her pre-surgery appointment for Strabismus and tear duct surgeries (scheduled for 5/19) with the opthomologist on Friday. Prayers welcomed, updates forthcoming.

The credit union finally reimbursed us the funds that were "withdrawn" in London. Bout time.

Today Sophie had her 1/month Developmental Therapy with Judy. We both agreed that she is a smart cookie. So is Judy. Plus, she has great toys.

According to my dear friend Amy, it's Wordless Wednesday, but rules are meant to be broken. That said, this dorky pic is a shot out to my BFF Darcy - Queen of the self portrait.

(post dental cleaning cell phone self portrait)


~Melissa~ said...

Sophie is so cute! She's in my prayers for her upcoming procedures.

RK said...

Crack me up. Self-portrait after dental cleaning. Too much.

Safe time you can just crash with us... :o)

prairie girl said...

Yes, I love that!! At first I thought you were in an airplane...but the dentist is just as good! LOL!! Wishing you luck and a safe journey.

Annie's Porch said...

Thinking and praying for you guys.

JRS said...

Thanks for the compliment and prayers!
You know I'm a dork by now, don't you?
Prairie Girl-
Thanks for the good thoughts. You are a BAD influence on me, ya know?
Annie's Porch-
Thank you for the good thoughts and prayers.