Saturday, May 24, 2008

At Home with Down Syndrome - Ban the *r Word

If you love me and my family, please take a few minutes of your day and read this article. Please. CLICK HERE
If you really love me you will go out and buy Jennifer Graf Groneberg's new book "Road Map to Holland." I was planning on doing a post about this book. I've read it multiple times already and it is mostly yellow from highlighting all of the parts that mean something to me. After reading the article above, I'm not sure I need to do a review myself.

Lastly, even if you can't do any of the above requests, please make your best effort to ban the "*r" word from your vocabulary for Sophie and for all people with Down syndrome. In our culture it is commonplace to put down others by calling them retarded (the *r word). People joke all the time about something or someone being so *r, or riding a 'short bus', or referring to people as "Corky" (the character played by Chris Burke on the TV series 'Life Goes On' and who also plays Taylor on 'Touched by an Angel' who was our Grand Marshall at the Buddy Walk in 07). I'd like to challenge everyone we know to ban the *r word from your vocabulary when used in this way and to challenge others when you hear it used. Beyond being an immature put down, it is hurtful and cruel and we can all do better. Let's do better for Sophia to take on this simple challenge.


jennifergrafgroneberg said...

Thank you for helping spread the word about my book, and about Caitrin's excellent essay! I love your challenge and I agree: we can and should all do better, for sweet Sophia and for all our kids.

JRS said...

Jennifer Graf Groneberg-
Not a problem. Thank YOU for writing it and for honoring me with a mention on Pinwheels.