Tuesday, May 20, 2008

That Toddlin Town

Thursday we drove to Chicago for the BEST date night ever. We stayed at the Marriot Renaissance which was just across the street from the Chicago Theatre where M and I had tickets to see Eddie Izzard. It was a swank joint, the nicest place we've been as a family. It had a little something for everyone. M's mom joined us on the trip as our sitter. We all enjoyed a dip in the 4th floor pool (Sophie's first swim & she loved it), tangerine smoothies, & very nice digs on the 13th floor, plus it overlooked the El. The window in our room was huge and Alexander spent much of his time standing in it with his forehead pressed to the glass looking down on the trains. We were so close to the theatre that M and I didn't leave our room until 10 minutes before showtime. Eddie was amazing, of course.
We wrapped the night up near by at the Emerald Loop.
Best date night ever!

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