Monday, May 26, 2008

Prayers for P'burg

Because a picture is worth a thousand words click here.
It's official, my grandma's old house in Parkersburg is gone along with 1/3 of the town. Video footage of the destroyed high school directly behind her old house is here.
Prayers go out to you all who have lost so much.

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Anonymous said...

You wanna know what I think, well to bad im gonna tell ya anyways. YOU NEED TO PUT MORE VIDEOS OF MY NEICE,AND NEPHEW ON THIS HERE BLOG! Espesially now since every time I have called, and all I can hear is Sophie making the cutest little noises, and Xander when he is on YOUR, (not his-quote on quote HA HA) computer, or when playing with his trains!!!!!! I MEAN IT! Love ya lots, its a DEMANDING LIZZY STORY NOW HAHA! Liz