Saturday, May 31, 2008

A Lizzy Story

My Dear Little Sister,
You know everyone in the family teases you for taking SO long in telling a simple story. They've become "Lizzy Stories" whether or not it's you telling the story or someone else equally long-winded. I love that you watch the blog and thanks for making sure that the links in the Headline post worked. Thanks too for giving me your own headlines or theme song for your life. You make me die laughing when you hold entire conversations with yourself on vm. I love talking with you everyday on the phone and I felt compelled to share you with the world. Who would believe me about your "Lizzy Stories" without proof?
Love ya,
your big sis


RK said...

Holy cow, crack me up! I can hear the familial tonal resemblance, for sure.

Leah said...

Ha! What a hoot! (and omg, I have a twin!)

JRS said...

You should hear us when all 3 sisters get together. It IS a hoot.
Which of us is your twin (Liz or me)? Cool. My baby sis is just lovely. Thanks for visiting!

Anonymous said...

To make a short story long. This is Liz, glad I could make everyone laugh! I bet you thought I was done-but im not, cause it just wouldnt be me.Ha ha Liz.

JRS said...

You know I love you more than my luggage ;-}

(That's a quote from Steel Magnolias folks)

Larkinsmom said...

OMG that was hysterical. My sister and I sound alike to the point that we mess with our respective husbands. They've kinda caught on over the past 6 years :)