Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Curious Buddies

Hands down the greatest kid's show is Jack's Big Music Show from Spiffy Pictures. Everybody knows that. (read more from Wiki) A few years ago we discovered this gem on Noggin (which is WELL worth the extra cable charge) and fell happily in love with Mel, Jack and Mary. M mentioned the show in class back when he was teaching at UW without knowing that one of his students was a cousin of the creators. Not long after we received posters in the mail from Spiffy, including an autographed shot of Mel that are now properly framed and hung in Alexander's bedroom.

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We were smitten and were even more thrilled to learn that there were other characters to fall in love with.

Enter the Curious Buddies.

There are a series of DVDs featuring Cat, Dog, Bear, and Pig. Like Jack, this series is a cut above the rest in featuring music that even parents will enjoy. It's not just the music that's worth talking about, it's the cast of children that are featured. Kids of all races, ages, sizes AND abilities are shown playing, laughing, dancing, building with blocks, and having fun. What a beautiful example of inclusion. There are no shots of the "token kid" in a wheelchair, or kid with glasses, or Down syndrome. There are just kids...playing...together. This is just another reason why we love the creators of Spiffy Pictures. They GET IT. David and Adam Rudman, & Todd Hannert - THANK YOU! Thank you for (seemingly) effortlessly showing the world that kids of all abilities are beautiful and have value. Thank you.

If you are smitten with the characters of Jack's Big Music Show and the Curious Buddies, you'll be sure to love the newest characters from Bunnytown.

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