Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Cure for Dental Blues

Friday was Round 2 of 3 in the root canal saga. (I have to go back to get the permanent crown put in). I was at the dentist for 2.5 hours. yadayadayada, gross details skipped here, I went home and convinced Sophie to take a very late nap with me. Alexander and Mark crashed too. We all awoke at 7:30pm very hungry, but I was unwilling to cook, so we went out for dinner.

Then, as all of our sleep schedules were out of whack, we decided to go mini golfing.
So what that we didn't finish until 10:30pm? We would have been up anyway, and this way it wasn't crowded or too hot and sunny, though Mark did run into one of his students.
"OK Tiger. This is called a putter."

"The ball goes here, HERE!" "No thanks Dad. I'll toss it and get it there faster."

This is the way to go to take your mind off of crazy expensive dental work.

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Larkinsmom said...

Call your friend Larkin!!! She wants to play too!!!