Thursday, June 5, 2008

Snippets of Our Lives

Why is he so mad? His caterpillar shaped cookie broke into 2 pieces.

Scary Baby Growling!

(These videos were especially for my sis, by request)


Anonymous said...

OMG LOVE IT LOVE IT!!!!!! THANKYOU!!!!!! Who stole the cookies from the cookie monster jar? Now thats FUNNY. Xander reminds me of someone/s. Thats MY cheesecake, and the big blue cookie monster. You know what I mean Jen. Now for Sophie she reminds me of myself especially. And you when I stole your clothes, and Kate when she justs gets mad. I finally can have a visule of her growling now when I call, and hear her in the background. THANKYOU-THANKYOU! I so needed that. LOVE YA ALL LOTS! Aunt Liz

Larkinsmom said...

OMG she is KILLING me. And Xander with the "This is not good" wonder where he has heard that a lot ?? MOM??? Call me...I didn't store your new number!!!

JRS said...

Aunt Liz-
You're welcome.
Hmm, wonder where he got that? Not I! ;-}

Anonymous said...

Hey its to late to call you, sooo just wanted to let you know that when I go to play Xanders clip it wont let me, but I can always see Sophies!(?) Also I just noticed a very nice fam. pic. off to the right, when did you get those done? And when do I get one?!

JRS said...

It must be a blogspot glitch, so I uploaded it again and it seems to be working.
The photo is new. It was taken for the new church directory on Sunday. I only have an elecronic copy, so far...