Monday, June 30, 2008

Wax Nostalgic

We were sad to cancel our plans for a weekend trip to Galesburg Railroad Days in order to buy 2 new car seats (OUCH). Instead, we found ourselves at a great American pastime. It has been 10 years since I've been to a drive-in theater and that was back in CF, IA (which has since been torn down & replaced by student apartments for UNI - my alma mater). Once upon a time there were 4,000 such theaters across the country. Now there are only around 400.
We were not disappointed in the Harvest Moon Twin Drive In. Its only a short ways from home, and even the drive was amazing. The skies were stunning. In one direction you could see the rain falling, in another, a gorgeous sunset. A rainbow and radiant colors in the clouds made the normally flat and boring IL landscape quite beautiful.
Although we arrived 90 minutes before showtime, the drive-in was already packed. They have twin screens showing 2 movies simultaneously. We opted for Wall e and are so happy we did. Pixar has never let us down. It was, as usual, a wonderful film.
After we found our spot, the boys enjoyed frisbee while Soph and I set up. Our bench swing mattress was the exact size of the back of the van (perfect). They have a free carousel which contributes to the warm family atmosphere. At intermission, vintage concession stand footage was shown as money made there is what keeps the theater in business. The menu is reminiscent of the golden era of the drive-in (chili cheese dogs, corn dogs, candy galore, chilly willies, ice cream treats, pizza, & even a burger barn) Although the lines were long, everyone was patient and kind. Alexander got a glow wand from a golf cart snack vendor, which Sophie enjoyed as well. We ate our weight in popcorn and candy and Mark even got a funnel cake. The owners have done everything they can to make sure you have an unforgettable experience.

Sunday was more fun as we caught up with RK, Braska & Muncher at El Toro.
Later we had a picnic at Hessel Park complete with an Irish band.

Someday we'll make it to Ireland. In the meantime, the Midwest is a pretty good place to be.


~Melissa~ said...

That looks like a blast! I wish we had such a cool drive in nearby!

RK said...

Wow... not my best pic ever. (Blech!!) But it was fun to visit and chow down. :o)

JRS said...

Come on over to ours!

Come on. I thought it was a good one. It was the better of the 2 Munch shot, with both girls looking (sort of) forward. Did you get a better one on your camera? Send it if you did! It was really good to see you.

Larkinsplace said...

Baseball ruins all my fun!!! Good to see 4 of my favorite girls in pics even though L and I missed out.

Anonymous said...

Now thats what I call some good old fashon family fun! Im so jealous. I guess that whenever we make our next trip, we will just have to have some good old fashon family fun with ya! Cant wait to see you all, very soon. Untill then ill talk to ya later. love Liz

JRS said...

We shall all be together again!

Don't be jealous. We'll have our own fun soon! Can't wait!!