Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Help! I Can't Find My Flood Pants!!

It's POURING rain again, and that's a very bad thing as our basement is WET. Not standing water wet, but squishy, 6 fans blasting, had-to-pull-out-all-of-our-stuff from the many wet areas, including 2 wooden bookshelves and a 1880 steamer trunk that has a wet bottom - wet. It looks like a bomb went off down there. This house does NOT have a history of flooding, which is one of the reasons WICD-TV wanted to come over today and film it.

Ya, brilliant me sent an email to the local tv channels with a story idea. Actually, my idea was about the park just a few blocks from us. As a way to introduce myself I made a comment about my wet basement and then went on to attach photos of the flooded park that I took this morning.

30 minutes (or less) later I get a call from WICD-TV asking if they could come over and film my basement and interview me as a part of the story they are going to do on the park flooding. (How neighbors in the Hessel Park area are affected, etc.)

If you are what you eat then I guess I'm a chicken. Heck No you can't interview me or show anyone what my basement looks like! Show my photos of the park, give me credit, that's fine. But show the woman Behind the lens? Nah. Not today. They thanked me for the story idea and photos. The story should be on tonight at 5.


Anonymous said...

Dah Jen, yes I think your a CHICKEN! You are the one who e-mailed them, and Xander LOVES that park, therefor you should let them do a story on you, your house, and how it beeing flooded affects you guys. Come on DRAMA QUEEN its not like they wont be able woo wnder wand woo. You havent had the ROO CONEL yet. Also im adding that its not even your house, just renting, so you have nothing to be embarriesd about. You have nice things, and you are beautiful, both inside, and out! CHICKEN-CHICKEN(bach-bach)! (not sure how to spell chicken sounds, tried to find it in the dictionary, o-well). I would do it. Hope your not mad at me now, but everyone is entitled to their own opinion. LOVE YA LOTS Liz

JRS said...

My goodness. She's even writes Lizzy Stories!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE YOU TO JEN! what time do you under go for your root canel? Liz

RK said...

Ah, come on! You shoulda done it! It's like Deal or No Deal with no Howie and no money to win. But think of your name on TV for a split second. You would have been a super star! :o)

But really, I had no idea you guys were getting that kind of rain. Guess there's not topping off needed on the pool, eh?

JRS said...

Be proud of me. I rode my/your bike over there and back yesterday. I didn't fall once or break my head. (20 min over 20 min to clean the pool - it needed brushing on the bottom - 23 min home). My face was neon pink when I walked through the door.