Friday, March 13, 2009

Don't See "Miss March"

Not like you would have seen it anyway. Here is a small excerpt from an interview in the Chicago Tribune on March 11th. (reporter, Robert K. Elder interviewing Craig Robinson)

Q In the script, the word "retard" is used over and over. The comedy "Tropic Thunder" received a great deal of criticism for using the same word. Was there any concern over how this might be received?

A I've heard nothing. There could very well be something, but I haven't heard anything. We shot it probably the same time as ["Tropic Thunder"]. I wasn't in the editing room. You'll have to talk to the guys who made those decisions.

Q But, as a comedian, is that just a toxic word now?

A It does seem to be. You can see it from a parent's point of view. But the way they use it in the movie is funny. It's silly. It's not going out to hurt anybody. It's definitely not coming from an evil place; it's just coming from the way people talk.

Funny? Here's ONE example of what's "funny" about the "R" Word in this movie.

The best friend is Eugene (Cregger), a high-school student who doubles as an abstinence lecturer. Along with his devout girlfriend Cindi (Raquel Alessi), Eugene recounts how his brother had sex and then had "retard babies" that later went on to burn down his house and kill his mother. The tirade is accompanied by projections of Syphilis infected no-no areas. (reported here)

Special Olympics has more to say, including contact information. (click here) Also read more at Patricia E. Bauer's site (click here)


Lacey said...

Wow, thats all I can say, I'm a little speachless.

Anonymous said...

JRS, you are such a great advocate! Thank you so much for this post!

A pal :)

JRS said...

"An R rating on a teen film with a title inspired by “Playboy” should be the first sign that anyone who isn’t a mindless teenage boy or a stoner should run away. Watching post-coma diarrhea spray several times and offensive writing that degrades women, black people, firemen, people with disabilities and everyone else could only be tolerated by someone with no sense. While some teen comedies can get away with being politically incorrect because of strong writing, acting or story lines, “Miss March” offers none of this."

Lund7 said...

Just stopped by your blog. Your children are adorable! Congrats on your upcoming birth too! We love following other blogs who have children with DS!! Stop by ours sometime!

Molly C said...

Ugh, not again!

I'm sorry but if my college classmates can drop the word from their vocabulary there's no reason for hollywood to continue to use it. Grow up Hollywood!