Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sophie's Ear Tubes

It's been a full week since our trip to St. Louis Children's Hospital where Sophie got tubes in her ears. Grandma Paula hung out at home so that Alexander could go to preschool. He did just fine, but I had a harder time. It was my first night away from him.

We got in around 9pm and settled into our hotel. Sophie slept most of the way there, so she ended up staying awake until 11:15. That was OK because I could give her food until midnight and then she needed to fast.

SLCH is beyond good at what they do. Click here for a previous experience describing the care you receive there. We arrived at Same Day Surgery by 7:15 and by 8:34 she was headed back to surgery (scheduled for 8:30). I love it when a procedure happens on time, especially when fasting is required.

It was really fast and she was done 30 minutes later. Super cranky and out of it, we tried to comfort her and get her to drink apple juice. More quickly than I imagined possible, we were leaving. She did vomit up snotty juice as soon as we left and were in the car, but after that, she was better. It took a while to fully come out of sedation.

We met our very good girlfriends at a mall. (Why hang at the hospital when we can shop?) Plus, they had a Stride Rite and our only local store that carried them closed. Sophie needs a 4XW, which you just can't get anywhere. RK is a super mom, looking gorgeous, lugging 2 around as if she's done this forever, and does well multi-tasking. Click here for their pics of our meet up. We were so happy to finally meet Kinlee and see our old pals.

Mark always notices the quirkiest things. This sign at Dillards disturbed him, so he snapped a shot.

The next day Soph needed Tylenol, but has been doing great with zero drainage. We go back for a follow up and appointment with audiology in 4-8 weeks (which we will try to coordinate with her follow up eye appointment). So far, so good.


Lacey said...

Yeah for ear tubes. I love it when their actually on time, because it doesn't happen often.

Melissa @ Banana Migraine said...

I'm so glad that all went well and that you got to hang out with RK too! Sophie is such a cutie.

Michelle said...

So glad it went well for Sophie!! And how fun that you got to fit a visit in there, too!!

RK said...

How are the white shoes working out??

Anonymous said...

glad that things went well for you and lil miss :) did you know that there's an outlet for StrideRite in Tuscola? We have to go there to get Dom's shoes- always last year's styles but we get two pairs for about the price of one so it's all good in our they fit his fred flintstone feet :)