Thursday, March 5, 2009

New Home Site, Spread the Word to End the Word

email response RE: Spread the Word to End the Word

date Thu, Mar 5, 2009 at 7:19 PM
subject End the R-Word Day!

Hey everybody!
We are so excited at the unbelievable response we have received in anticipation for End the R-Word Day on 3.31.09! We have been inundated by hundreds of emails such as yours by people across the country filled with enthusiasm and support. However, this has also left us unable to respond to each individual email so we also want to apologize to those who have been waiting several days for a response. We are hard at work organizing a way that everyone can get involved and buy t-shirts, posters, fliers, stickers and more.

So, in response to all your requests to buy t-shirts and get involved, we're going to ask that you give us just a bit more time to make arrangements so that everyone can make a difference. Here's the website that's going to serve as our home base for this event so please check this site periodically for more information. All our the supplies and information that you will need will be available in the next week or so.

Thanks again for all your support and enthusiasm.

Tim and Soeren
Co-Student Coordinators, End the R-Word Day 3.31.09
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UPDATE: On the new SO site: (which should be checked regularly), please check out the link on the right hand side that says "Spread the Word Resources" where you will find a toolkit for all the materials and ideas you may need for your local event.
T-shirts and buttons are now available to order on the Special Olympics site: (on the right, click on Spread the Word Resources and scroll all the way down and click on t shirt and button order form). The direct link is:

*Please note, orders must be received by March 16 in order to guarantee arrival by March 30. Orders received on March 17 will incur expedited shipping charges. Orders received on March 18 or later cannot be guaranteed to arrive by March 30.**All prices include a donation to Special Olympics. Thank you!

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