Saturday, March 7, 2009

Spa Day, New Me

At our Buddy Walk last October, I won the mama of raffle gift baskets. It included tons of great prizes like an hour of Merry Maids services, pizza, ice cream cakes, scrapbooking stuff, ect. The best one has to be the gift certificate to a spa. I've been saving it and yesterday I cashed it in. Mark took the kids all afternoon (including taking them both to Sophie's PT). He also threw in an hour massage (THANK YOU HUBS)!

(As always, click on the pics to enlarge)

CHANGING ROOM FOR MASSAGE (yes, that's a robe)


I've wanted to do this for a long time

After my hair appointment, I got a makeup lesson and application. They used Bare Minerals, (which I didn't know ahead of time). Since this is what I've been using for a while, that was an extra treat. I went for the more dramatic smokey eyes for a dramatic change.

NEXT, PEDICURE (My 1st ever)

It was a whole treatment; soaking, exfoliating, foot and leg massage while in a massage chair, and making my preggo feet look good.
OPI color Boris and Natasha

Mark and the kids picked me up and we drove through campus to witness the spectacle that is Unofficial and to pick up some Thai food for dinner. I thought I'd try something new and asked for a recommendation. It wasn't anything exotic, but it was tasty. However, within 30 minutes I had my first allergic reaction to food. I broke out into bright red splotches and very itchy bumps from my face, all down my back and chest. Benadryl, hydrocortisone, Tylenol, going to bed early and a phone call to the night OB nurse helped. Things are much better today.

I wasn't able to recreate the hair style exactly (I'm much more poofy today, but then I don't have the patience for spending much time on hair. Still it's a dramatic change and oh so cute. When I got picked up yesterday, Alexander said excitedly, "Oh Mom. Your hair is beautiful!" That's all I needed to hear.


Bethany said...

Wow, you look great! I love your new haircut!

Kristen said...

Dang foxy!!! I love your hair too! I also use bare minerals...I will never use liquid makeup again!

My name is Sarah said...

This is Joyce. Wow!!! you do look beautiful and quite at peace. Love the hair cut. How exciting that you did a spa day. Too bad about the food reaction though. Did you figure out what it was so not to repeat it? Love the makeup coloring too.

RK said...

Looks snazzy, girlfriend. Judging from the pics, I'm guessing it was at BJ???

And I sure don't miss the stupidity that is Unofficial... that's for sure!

Mommy to those Special Ks said...

You look GREAT! I love it!!!!

Larkinsmom said...

I've always thought you were stunning. A smile that I would pay big bucks for and personality to boot. You look amazing and most of all I am glad you were able to relax. It's criminal that you had never had a pedicure. :)

JRS said...

Thanks everyone. You're all very sweet. It was at BJ's and I had a blast. My allergic reaction could have been from anything; the massage lotion (but it was unscented and over by 1:30), the makeup (but I already use it, except for the gloss that plumps your lips), or the pedicure (they did use lavender lotion and an exfoliating salt/oil, but my break out was head and torso. Nothing broke out on my legs). So since it happened right after eating, I assume it was the food. The main ingredients were pretty normal, so it must be the sauce. In the end, it just means no Thai food at all, until the baby comes anyway.