Sunday, March 8, 2009

Weeks 31 & 32

Today is day 1 of week 32. That's 7 months down and 2 to go! I had zero time to post about this last week, so today it's a 2fer.

Last Week (31), Belly Shot

Last week was a busy week. Over lunch, Mark casually asked, "What do you think Helena's eyes will look like?" I said that they would probably look just like her big brother and sister's eyes. After all Alexander's eyes just turned from blue to green in the past few months. (pause) "Wait. Did you say Helena?" So there you have it folks. We can retire Maybe the May baby and give her an honest to goodness name (I've been calling her that in my head for a while now). Helena is pronounced Hel-LAY-nuh, not Helen-uh. We are not certain of the spelling and have no clue about her middle name. As always, we reserve the right to pick a completely different name at any point.

At 31 weeks Helena may track moving objects with her eyes. When she blinks, the eye's iris responds to light and dark. Her lungs and digestive track are nearly mature, although the last few weeks in-utero are still important for lung development. She was around 14-1/2 inches head-to-toe, and weighed nearly three pounds, five ounces.

In summary, over the last 2 weeks I've busted a tooth (not by opening a beer bottle, but on a piece of hard rice, had a prenatal where I weighed in at 1.8 lbs. more than last month thanks to delicious Butterfinger ice cream - yumm, (I think I gained it all in my face) got a new hair cut, had an allergic reaction to Thai food, hired a doula (more on that later), and named the baby.

Belly Shot, Week 32

This week, (32) Helena is now 38 centimeters crown-to-rump, or 15-1/4 inches long, and weighs three pounds, twelve ounces. She can move her head to the side, but now that she is taking up much of the available space, her movement will slowly decrease.


Bare belly shots below complete with unedited stretch marks and gall bladder surgery scars. Can't handle it? X out now.

Week 31

Week 32


Karyn said...

Beautiful name! You also look fabulous!

amy flege said...

love the new hair cut! do you feel like a new woman????
babies name is very pretty. how about spelling it Helainah? good luck with the middle name!

RK said...

Nice name choice...and good disclaimer about the ability to change it at will. :)