Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The ARC PSA - Respect

Guaranteed to make you smile this morning.

Produced by Will Schermerhorn of Blueberry Shoes Productions and posted with his permission.
Featuring members of The Arc of Northern Virginia

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Anonymous said...

Hey Jen I know its been awhile, and we have played phone tag for the last week. As you know I have been very busy with both kids preparing for school. Its been exciting, frustrating, nerve racking, and scary! Exciting for Austin for the 7th grd. as he can now play football-scary for both Emma, and I as this is her 1st yr. of school, preschool that is.(very hard to be with someone for the past 4 yrs. of her life everyday, now all of a sudden were apart-I dont know who cryed harder, her or me?)-frustration, and my nerves beeing shot well I think you can teel just by me rambling on, and on ETC. Obvesley Im @ home ALONE, and I not only need to keep myself busy, but now I have time to actually leave a comment, not just quickly browse the blog! So enough about my Lizzy story on to the blog. My Nephew, Neice, Brother in-law, and you Miss Jen all make me so proud! Im looking forward to seeing you all in Oct. Untill then just know I think of you all often, check the blog when I can, and will leave a comment if I have the time( I promise I wont do this again though LOL)we just need to be able to stop playing the phone tag! For all you other bloggers leaving a comment if you have read mine well I just hope you can understand, or maybe I made you laugh. Crazy mom missing her kids. Liz