Sunday, August 17, 2008

Radio Days and Rally #2

Yesterday was an exhausting day. It started very early with my first ever radio interview on WEFT with Vicki Niswander on her program Disability Beat. (Thank you Vicki!) You are more than welcome to take a listen as she has uploaded it here. Scroll down (not on the sidebar) and look for Disability Beat Podcasts. The interview about the Tropic Thunder controversy and the ban the "R" word campaign starts at about 8 minutes into the program. An inspirational song breaks it up and then the interview continues. NO LAUGHTER from the peanut gallery and please don't even attempt to count how many times I said 'uh' or 'ah.' I'll send you a butterscotch candy if you can tell me the quote I used at the end. Leave a comment, no fast forwarding.

The Rally for Respect continued at the Savoy 16 theater from 4-7:20pm as we staffed a table inside the theater lobby with Cathy, Paige, Betty and kids. A Saturday crowd is a bit different than what we had on Wednesday and we received lots of support. My favorite kind came in the form of moviegoers who simply pumped their fist in the air for solidarity with looks of appreciation on their faces.
I realize that we were very fortunate in getting permission to staff a table in order to come at this from an educational standpoint. Most of my heroes who are active in this movement across the country did not get such permission (although they may have sought it) and have had to take a 'protest the movie' position. Regardless of how you have taken up the call, I thank each and every one of you for standing up and being active in this Rally for Respect.

Lastly, I'll send a buffalo nickel to the first person who can name this movie.
(warning, uses strong language)

I don't actually have a buffalo nickel


RK said...

Way to be a radio star!

Anonymous said...

Well said Jen:) I was able to listen to the radio interview, and im glad! I simply cant say this enough but I am so proud of you!!!!!!!! Looking forward to your next post, untill then thinking of you all often. Love Liz

JRS said...

well, I don't know about the 'star' part, but...

Thanks for listening to it. That makes at least 4-5 people heard it. (kidding) ;-}