Saturday, August 2, 2008

Be Still, for Emma

Emma, a little girl with Down syndrome that I've gotten to know through her mom Meredith needs your prayers. Emma was adopted from the Ukraine in March. Emma has a very serious heart condition and is having surgery on Monday, at 7 am. Please pray for a successful outcome and that Emma is able to come off of the bypass machine and the vent.

The other day I wandered into a P. Graham Dunn store in Gatlinburg. They sell beautiful inspirational wood art. I found a wall hanging for Sophie that made me bawl like a baby in the store. In case you can't read it (see below), it says, We Prayed for This Child, And the child grew and became strong; she was filled with wisdom, and the grace of God was upon her. Luke 2:40. My favorite color combo for Sophie is pink and green. "Sophia" is Greek for wisdom. It is perfect. I think that this sign is perfect for Emma too. Some of their other art that spoke to me were about the message "Be Still." So, these pictures are for the Cornishes:


Anonymous said...

Yes be still, and let be! My thoughts and prayers go out to u Emma, and your family. I hope all goes well! Truley beatufil sign Jen. I think it will look nice in Sophies room! I would have bawled like a baby too, it was fate 4 u 2 find this art work, or maybe it found u? GOD does work in mysterious ways u know.:} TTFN Love ya much, your sis Liz.

JRS said...

TTFN. Oh that's funny!