Sunday, August 3, 2008

King Smellsalot

Today we drove to our family's summer residence in Asheville, NC. It was built in 1895, has 250 rooms, and thousands of acres. More about the castle can be found here.

When we arrived, Alexander announced that there would be a purple dragon and the king was named King Smellsalot. I wonder what George Vanderbilt would think about that?
After a long day, our limo arrived to take us on a tour of the grounds and then we headed back to our real summer home on Mt. Zubba Bubba at Papa and Grandma Paula's.


RK said...

Love the limo... and my fave music guy, Steven Curtis Chapman, was just at Biltmore on Friday night for a show. Weird to read of it two times in two days on different blogs. Can't believe you have never invited me to that family home.... you're sure miserly about those 250 rooms!

Anonymous said...

Awah, 2 B A kid again! Xander has the right idea about dragons and kings. Just looking @ the pic.'s I imagine me being the princess watching the purple dragon flying over my SWEET castel protecting the king and I. (Even though he smells alot(smellsalot)haha)! Nice limo:) I love valay parking! Well gotta go, ill call you when my phone is fixed. Liz

JRS said...

We love our green soccer mom limo too. Let's plan a visit!

Isn't it funny that Mark's pic is just below the title King Smellsalot? Unintended, but funny.

Kristen said...

Aw man! I wish that I would have known! I am only a couple of hours from Asheville. Maybe next time!