Saturday, August 23, 2008

What do Therapies Look Like? Pt. 2

Sophie receives speech therapy (ST) once a week at home, occupational therapy (OT) once a month at home, developmental therapy (DT) once a month at home, and physical therapy (PT) twice a month on site. It just so happened that this week she had 4 therapy sessions in 4 days. Listen for Sophie's favorite new word "baby" in DT. Here is a look at how it went.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jenny!
It so heartwarming to me to see Sophie and what a great mother you are to those 2 children of yours. Ever since Andi sent me the link to your website during the floods in Waterloo, I look forward every week to seeing Alexander and Sophie.
Your Cousin, Denise

JRS said...

Cousin Denise-
Wow, that's great! I had no idea. Thank you so much.